Taking away the hassles of tax

Self-Assessment is complicated

There are strict deadlines for registering for Self-Assessment, different filing deadlines depending upon whether you file a paper tax return or online, and two key dates for paying tax.

In addition to the main tax return, you need to complete supplementary pages for many other types of income including:

  • Employment
  • Self-employment
  • Partnership income
  • UK property income
  • Foreign income or gains
  • Capital gains

Not only do you need to complete the return correctly, but you also have to self-assess.  That means calculating your tax liability.  And that’s difficult.

Get it wrong and you will have to pay a penalty.  And interest.  You’ll get a penalty of £100 if your tax return is up to 3 months late; you’ll have to pay more if it’s later, or if you pay your tax bill late.

By listening to our clients we decided to offer 2 new service levels for Tax Return Services in addition to just a basic self-assessment preparation package. In past years we have simply charged a fixed fee for preparing a tax return.  We have learned from listening to our clients that some clients want more than just a tax return preparation service. We have therefore created 2 new service levels so that you have the option to upgrade your service level.


Taking away the hassle…

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Rather than spending hours figuring out which pages to complete, what to put in the boxes, how to calculate any tax due and meeting the filing deadlines, our Tax Return Services takes that hassle away.  Don’t waste time or worry about getting things wrong, we’ll do it all for you. Contact us here

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