Are you a business owner who hates bookkeeping and paperwork?
Do you end up doing your bookkeeping during evenings and weekends?
Would you much rather be out there making money from your business?


In reality it’s not bookkeeping anymore it’s really Virtual Financial Management.

Unfortunately, bookkeeping has to be done, and it has to be done in a certain way , otherwise HMRC  will be on your back.  When done accurately, bookkeeping provides you with critical financial information, key performance indicators and helps your decision making.

It’s also complicated, and that’s why there are bookkeeping exams and professional institutes to give assurance your finances are in good hands.

Having a Qualified  Advisor, and trained bookkeeper, managing your day to day processes will reduce all of the above stresses and allow you to concentrate on making money instead. 

If you want an Innovative Virtual FInancial Management and bookkeeping service providing professional and flexible options you’re your small to medium sized business then contact us now.


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Selecting the right financial solution is paramount to the success of your business

Bookkeeping, as a profession, is changing rapidly and technology makes the right solution more  relevant and useful than ever.  Advanced software solutions now mean you can store documents in the same place, work from different locations, access data and instantly share when you need to do so, but you still need a trained bookkeeper to do the work.

Streamlining your accounts by using cloud-based software makes your company more efficient and responsive and knowing where your money goes and how much you spend on resources is essential.

Why employ a   Staff member to do this when staff costs are one of the biggest expenditures for a company. But it isn’t just wages that cost the business money, there are additional overheads over and above the basic salary such as : 

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    National Insurance

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    HR Management (payroll, appraisals, disputes, recruitments)

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    Sick Pay

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    Maternity/Paternity Pay

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    General Overheads (rent, rates, water, heat, light, telephone, insurance)

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    Software Licences

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    Computer & IT Support

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    Travel & Expenses

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    Consumables (stationery, tea/coffee, toner!)

In effect, total staff costs can be up to 2x the actual salary paid, so engaging an online bookkeeper can really keep your costs at a minimum.

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